Why we sell Wood By Volume and Not Weight?

Modified on Tue, 12 Dec 2023 at 10:21 AM

Homefire only sells Firewood by Volume and Not Weight, because the weight of wood changes over time.

Take two Logs of the same species with identical shape and dimensions and they would not weigh the same.  Differences in density and moisture content between the two logs would be the cause.

Come back to the same two logs 30 days later and the weight of both would have changed as the logs dried out.

Homefire sells over 240,000 bags of firewood to homeowners each year and we do not give a weight because we know it will be wrong.

By providing our customers a volume of wood, we give them a means of comparing our products to other suppliers.  But we appreciate even this is not without some guess work.

For example, there is more wood in a 1m3 crate than there is in a 1m3 Dumpy bag because the crate is neatly packed, whilst wood is simply tipped haphazardly into a Dumpy resulting in more empty space.  We, therefore, have both a Packed Volume and a Loose Volume to consider.

Some bags such as the Large Handy Bag, Grab Bag or the Kiln Dried nets are also neatly packed.  

To make comparison easier, we use a measure called Loose Volume Equivalent to estimate how much loose volume a packed product would take up if it was emptied into a Dumpy Bag.

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