Mould on Solid Fuel Briquettes - Should I be concerned?

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Mould on Solid Fuel Briquettes - Should I be concerned?

Mould on solid fuel briquettes is unsightly, but for most people the risk to health is minimal.   

For some people though, Mould and its spores can cause an allergic reaction or act as an irritant.  In order to minimise exposure and to maintain basic hygiene standards we would recommend that you wear gloves or wash your hands after handling briquettes - mouldy or otherwise.   Once in the fireplace or stove any mould and its spores will be destroyed in the fire.

Why does mould happen?

Moulds are a type of fungus - microscopic organisms which are found virtually everywhere, both indoor and out.  To reproduce many will release air-bourne spores that settle on surfaces and given the right conditions, will grow very quickly. Moulds particularly like warm and wet conditions with a supply of nutrients, that they happen to find on the surface of solid fuel briquettes.


Anti-mould agents are added to all briquettes during the manufacturing process to combat this, but mould can be tough to eradicate so growth does still occur from time to time; seen as a green or brown fur like covering on the surface of the briquette.

Does mould on the briquettes affect fire performance?

No - Mould will not affect the fire performance of the fuel in any way.

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