Why is my fuel wet?

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Why is my fuel wet?

It is inevitable that solid fuel will get wet at some point, but there is nothing wrong with it and it will dry out in a couple of days.

All solid fuel supplied loose or before being packed into plastic bags is stored outside and therefore will get wet when it rains and dry out again when the sun comes out and temperatures rise.  When the fuel gets very dry, we get another problem - Dust, so to combat this some depots have a dust suppression system which involves spraying a fine mist of water over the storage area.  It should be noted that we never spray water directly on to the product.

Depending on when the fuel is packed into plastic bags it is entirely possible therefore, that the fuel will be wet and will still be wet when you come to open the bag.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the fuel, and it will perform as normal once the surface moisture has been given a chance to dry out, by storing undercover, opening the bags and letting air to circulate.  For best results we would recommend tipping the fuel into a bunker, or a bucket or coal scuttle and storing it indoors where the higher temperatures inside will quickly dry the surface of the fuel.

If you can't wait, then you can still light wet fuel.   To get wet fuel lit, give the fuel extra help by opening air vents to the max and remove the ash pan to boost airflow.  Use extra kindling and firelighters, light them and then leave for 60 seconds before adding the fuel.  This will allow the kindling and firelighters to get established and pre-heat the chimney and flue, aiding the ignition process.   When you add the wet fuel it will almost certainly give off steam and smoke, but this will quickly disappear once the excess moisture is burnt off and your fire will reach its normal operating temperature.

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